Selling Your Items with Pacific Galleries


Selling with Pacific Galleries is easy. Vintage & New is a retail space inside the Pacific Galleries 30,000 square foot antique mall where you set the price (we can advise you if needed) and items are then discounted every month until the item sells, guaranteeing that your merchandise will be sold. Space in the Seattle Vintage & New retail area is limited, so contact us with photos or come in to discuss what you may wish to sell.


Pacific Galleries is the Puget Sound's largest auction house, in business since 1972. Consign your quality and high-end furnishings, fine art, antiques and collectibles five days a week, Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm. Our Consignment Agreement covers our terms, policies, the responsibilities of both parties, and outlines how and when you receive payment. Our auctions draw an audience of regular and new dealers, designers and the general public; Premier Auction catalogs are hosted online on our web site, Invaluable.com and eBay.com, bringing a global audience to view and bid on your consigned items. Auctions are also advertised in a variety of ways, through print and online medias. Our specialists are on-hand five days a week to discuss what you have, what prices your items might realistically achieve at auction, and what type of auction might be best for selling your goods. Email photos and questions to pacificgalleries@pacgal.com or call us at 206.441.9990.

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Pacific Galleries Antique Mall & Auction House
241 South Lander Street, Seattle, WA 98134