Real Estate Services

The Pacific Galleries team will market your real property to earn solid offers and the highest prices. The principals and the real estate staff boast over three decades of buying and selling residential and commercial properties, so we have the experience and ability to back up this promise and we have licensed real estate professionals available to help you sell your property in both Washington State and Montana.

The close association with the Pacific Galleries auction team allows you to quickly move unwanted household items and "stage" your property to achieve top values and sell the property in a timely fashion. Additionally, to facilitate the removal of personal property and focus on the sale of your real property, Pacific Galleries employs a full-time staff of movers and owns local warehouses in which to store your goods.

Each listing is different, and our real estate team is uniquely prepared to work with homeowners, trustees, executors and families to customize a program to meet specific budgets, timelines and needs. Contact us seven days a week for a complete personal and real property consultation, with no cost or obligation to you, by calling 206.441.9990 in Washington State and 406.770.0013 in Montana.

Download the flyer for our current listing in West Bellevue, Washington.

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