Certified Appraisals

Pacific Galleries brings its decades of selling fine art and antiques and its professional staff of specialists in decorative arts, furniture, rugs, and fine art to give you an assessment of your goods upon which you can rely. Whether you are settling or dividing an estate, establishing market, insurance or replacement value, or you want to be informed of the value of pieces you own, Pacific Galleries can provide you with an certified appraisal report to include a detailed inventory, values and photos.

We suggest you review the purpose of your appraisal from the following:

  • Insurance Replacement: the value of your asset(s) as determined by the estimated cost of replacing them. This is essential when you need a fair reimbursement on insurance claims or scheduling individual pieces.
  • Fair Market Value: the likely value of your asset(s) when exposed to an open market of willing buyers and willing sellers, with neither being required to act and both having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts.

Our team of experts can consult with you on the type of appraisal which suits your specific needs and your budget best. Fees are based on hourly commitments and can be combined with other Pacific Galleries services.

Professionals at Pacific Galleries are affiliated with CAGA (Certified Appraisers Guild of America) and are, when required by law, available to testify to value.


To discuss the Pacific Galleries appraisal program or to learn more about an in-home consultation, please contact us for an appointment.

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